Does it come fresh or frozen?

  • Our seafood arrives cool and fresh. Most of our products come to us fresh, but some arrive that are previously frozen. Items that are previously frozen are thawed out in cool temperature; they are then marinated, vacuum sealed and ready to enjoy!

Is it safe to freeze?

  • Yes – you can refreeze our previously frozen items. Our seafood is defrosted safely in temperatures that do not exceed 4*C. Safely defrosting is critical if items may be refrozen.

How is my seafood packed?

  • All of our seafood portions are vacuum sealed after being marinated in our signature garlic & herb olive oil. During transit, our seafood will sit on ice. When we arrive at your home, a member of our team will bag your items and place them at your doorstep. This ensures your seafood stays cool and safe, while maintaining contactless delivery.